flightless angel

Hi this is Chii I'm a rocket powered rideable wurst and I have no idea what to do with my life aside from silver-ing all day all night every second I'm alive

Awesome dickheads:
Doubles Partner / Punching Bag / Waifu / YinYin

The super cool German trio:
Loveliest Senpai / Mazo / Jarabby
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yukimurai replied to your post: yukimurai replied to your photoset: WOO-HOO…

QAQ im jelous QAQ if only i can do that QAQ lol no money :’( btw,keep doing that you have a future lady :3 and lol Ib uh?

Don’t be. I stab myself way too much XDD

you’re not working? Or is not allowed yet for under 18s to work in your country? Where do you live anyway! XD

Yes yes, Ib~

  1. tobio-kun said: lol,no,my country can have work under 18 :3 and yet,my mom dont want me to work QAQ my mom is very strict OAO
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